What is consciousness and what is its role in the large scale evolutionary history of the universe that we call Big History? Is it possible to unify all of Big History into one unified coherent science: Macrocosmic Quantum Theory where consciousness is fundamental?

In this webinar Carl Johan Calleman, a doctor of physical biology from the University of Stockholm, will argue that if we shift our perspective to be based on the evolution of consciousness, Big History can become a powerful discipline that will contribute significant results to our understanding of the universe and the “big” questions of what its purpose may be.

Basing himself on aspects of Mayan cosmological calendars, he then exemplifies the power of a unified Big History by proposing solutions to two prominent problems in current science:

a/ What is the origin of life (How did the first cells emerge?) and
b/ How can it be that the constants of nature are fine-tuned for the generation of life?