IBHA Res 2011-01-27




“I propose that a subcommittee on membership be formed, including Gina, Penny, Barry, myself, and anyone else on this list who expresses interest. The charge to the committee is to present a membership development strategy to the Board, at least by the Beijing Conference.”

Proposed by Lowell Gustafson
Seconded by Cynthia Brown

All board members have voted aye/yes; this motion has passed unanimously.


IBHA Res 2011-02-02
It also makes sense to ask the lawyer about inserting a 2/3 membership vote clause into Article XI.
Proposed by Craig Benjamin
Seconded by Cynthia BrownVotes in favor:
Lowell Gustafson
Barry Rodrigue
David Christian (David did not vote formally but wrote earlier that he was happy with my proposals which included the motion, so I took the liberty to interpret this as a vote in favor of the motion)Vote abstained
Walter Alvarez
(He wrote: “I think that because I was not able to attend the meeting in Michigan, I am really not up to speed on these matters.  And with classes started, I cannot catch up now.  I trust the judgement of the rest of the Board, but since I do not have a real understanding of the details, perhaps it would be best for me to abstain from voting, and have you go ahead, based on the decision of the rest of the Board.”)As a result, this clause has been inserted into Article XI of the Draft Articles of Incorporation to be sent to our attorney.


IBHA Res 2011-02-03
I move that we adopt the minutes as recorded in IBHA_Board_Meeting_Minutes_1-14-15,_2011.docx – and thank Penny and Barry for their work in preparing this document.

Proposed by Lowell Gustafson
Seconded by Craig Benjamin

Approved unanimously


IBHA Res 2011-03-25a
Moved by Lowell Gustafson and seconded by Walter Alvarez:
That the IBHA reserve a skirted table and two chairs, one conference badge, a one-page ad in the conference program, and a one-page ad in the fall 2011 and Spring 2012 World History Bulletin for $1,300.Approved unanimously.


IBHA Res 2011-03-25b
Moved by Cynthia Brown and seconded by David Christian:
“I move that we accept the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws in their entirety as attached to Fred’s email [of 3/23/2011.”
Approved unanimously.


IBHA Res 2011-04-06
The motion proposed by Craig Benjamin and seconded by Barry Rodrigue:

That the Board of the IBHA formally accepts the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws in their entirety as attached to Fred Spier’s email of 4/1/2011.

has unanimously been adopted.


IBHA Res 2011-04-13
The motion proposed by Lowell Gustafson and seconded by Craig Benjamin,

that we revise our earlier resolution passed at our January meeting at GCSU so that a $25, one year founders IBHA membership fee be available through December 31, 2011, after which our regular membership fee structure will be applied.

has been adopted. It received 5 YES votes and no NO votes.



IBHA Res 2011-08-12
The motion proposed by Lowell, seconded by Cynthia, concerning the definition of big history:

“Big History seeks to understand the integrated history of the Cosmos,
Earth, Life, and Humanity, using the best available empirical evidence
and scholarly methods.”

has been adopted unanimously.

IBHA Res 2012-04-22
The following IBHA Motion, April 22, 201, proposed by Barry and seconded by Craig:

“I propose to have Article 3.2 of the Bylaws changed as follows (changes underlined and in red):

3.2    Director Qualifications.    To be eligible for election to the Board of Directors, an individual must not be an “Interested Person.” For purposes of this section, an “Interested Person” is defined as either (a) a person currently being compensated by the Corporation for services rendered to it within the previous twelve (12) months, whether as a full time or part time employee, independent contractor or otherwise; or (b) any brother, sister, ancestor, descendant, spouse, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, father-in-law, or mother-in-law of any person described in subpart (a), or of already appointed board members.”

has been accepted with 6 votes in favor, and one vote against.

This motion will be put on the agenda of the general membership meeting in August as a motion proposed by the board that needs to be voted on.

Approved by acclamation at the IBHA Members’ meeting, August 4, 2012, Grand Valley State University.

IBHA Res 2012-06-05
Motion proposed by Cynthia Brown and seconded by Lowell Gustafson:

“I move that we hold IBHA’s next conference at Dominican University of California on August 6-10, 2014.”

adopted unanimously on June 5, 2012.

 IBHA Res 2012-08-02
Lowell Gustafson proposed that we apply for membership in NOGWHISTO (national organization of global and world history) and that David Christian appoint an IBHA sub-committee with non-historians to explore how the IBHA forms associations with other related organizations.  Craig Benjamin seconded the motion.

Approved unanimously.

 IBHA Res 2012-09-17
The motion: “The IBHA Board proposes Lowell Gustafson to be the IBHA Board representative on the ChronoZoom Advisory Board.” moved by Craig Benjamin and seconded by David Christian has been adopted with 9 votes in favor and 1 abstention (Lowell).
 IBHA Res 2013-04-08
The motion moved by Fred Spier and seconded by Lowell Gustafson:

“As a matter of policy, IBHA board members strongly encourage those persons to become IBHA members who are requesting advice about big history teaching and research.”

was adopted unanimously by all board members.

IBHA Res 2013-06-23
The motion proposed by Cynthia Brown and seconded by Esther Quaedackers:

“I move that the theme of IBHA’s next conference be: ‘Teaching and Researching Big History: Big Picture, Big Questions.'”

has unanimously been adopted by the board.


 IBHA Res 2013-06-11






Fred Spier suggested that the Board reelect by acclamation:David Christian, as President
Lowell Gustafson, as Secretary
Craig Benjamin, as Treasurer
Barry Rodrigue, as International Coordinator
Fred Spier, as Vice PresidentOn October 11, Dr. Spier reported that only one Board member had not voted in the e-ballot and that all the current officers have been reelected by email acclamation.
 IBHA Res 2013-10-15






A motion moved by Craig and seconded by Esther:

I move that we create the position of an IBHA New Board Members’ Contact Person to whom potential new Board member candidates will be submitted by other Board members. This Contact Person will timely submit the entire list to the Board so that discussion can take place and agreement can be reached on new Board member candidates well before the annual elections.

has been adopted with 9 votes in favor and only Kathy’s vote lacking.

 IBHA Res 2014-01-31  Craig proposed and Cynthia seconded that:

“the Board of the IBHA establish an IBHA Research Committee whose task it will be to promote big history research and support big history researchers.”

Unanimously adopted, Jan 31, 8 pm EST.

 IBHA Res 2014-12-19 The Finance Committee proposed that the following statement be promulgated:
The Board of the IBHA wishes to notify its members of a modest increase in membership dues, effective from January 1st 2015. The increase of approximately 10% across the board is the first increase in dues since the IBHA’s inception in 2011.  The IBHA needs to generate income of around $20,000 per year to sustain itself, and this modest increase in dues is one way we are working to achieve this.We are also investigating other possible sources of revenue, including soliciting donations and seeking grants, but this small increase in membership dues will help ensure the Association’s long term financial sustainability.Please note that, because multi-year memberships are the most convenient for both members and the IBHA Office, we continue to offer generous discounts for two and three-year renewals.Members will also find the following statement on the membership dues page: ‘If you have difficulty affording these rates, or have any other questions concerning membership (including student membership), please contact Donna in the IBHA Office’.

Approved unanimously.

 IBHA Res 2015-04-09
The motion:I move that the Board nominate Craig Benjamin, David Christian, and Jonathan Markley and to place their names on the ballot for the July 2015 elections for the three available seats on the IBHA Board.

Was moved by Lowell Gustafson, seconded by Mojgan Behmand and adopted unanimously by the rest of the board.
 IBHA Res 2015-09-22  Sitting IBHA officers were re-elected by acclamation for the 2015-16 term.
 IBHA Res 2017-09-08  Barry Rodrigue moved and Sun Yue seconded that the 2020 IBHA conference be held at Symbiosis  International University in Pune, Maharashtra India.  The motion was unanimously approved by all board members.