Oratorio Program

Please join us soon on Youtube for a virtual performance of the “Emergent Universe Oratorio.

Composed by Sam Guarnaccia, the oratorio presents the story of the universe from its beginning to the future of humanity, in a series of alternating intensively scored recitatives with major lyrical choral sections. It will be performed by the Main Line Symphony Orchestra, directed by Don Liuzzi.

The oratorio is a marriage of science and art. It contributes significantly to spreading an evidence based and artistically compelling understanding of our origins, place, and role in an evolving Universe. The Emergent Universe Oratorio brings a new experience and understanding of the steps that have brought us here now. The scientific accuracy of the libretto coupled with a superb musical score offers a unique insight into why Carl Sagan said that we are all made of star dust — and much more.

The performance was held in the beautiful church on the campus of Villanova University by the new bridge that spans Lancaster Avenue. The theme of the oratorio also is in support of the objectives of Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ vision of a unified humanity empowered by a new consciousness and responsibility to our ‘Earth home’.

We thank our sponsors of the Oratorio and the 2018 IBHA conference for their generosity:
the Thomas Berry Foundation,
the Big History Project,
the Office of the President of Villanova University,
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences,
Graduate Liberal Arts and Sciences,
Associate Vice Provost for Research,
University Honors Program,
Departments of Astronomy, Biology, English, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Theater and Studio Art,
Campus Minister for Liturgical Music,
Augustine and Culture Seminar Program,
Ethics Program,
Graduate Liberal Studies Program,
and the PMR Communications Group.