The World History Association is having its annual conference at San Juan in Puerto Rico, June 27-29th 2019. Since there is no IBHA Conference until 2020, we are looking for people who would be interested in putting together panels (or presenting individual papers) about Big History for the WHA conference. The WHA deadline is November 30th, but if possible we would like to organize and propose whole panels (3 panelists and one chair), and to do so we would need your proposals to us by November 1st so we could put the difference proposals into coherent panels. We would also like to hear from you if you are a Big Historian and might be interested in attending even if you do not plan to present a paper, or if you would prefer to submit your individual presentation directly to the WHA but plan to present a Big History themed paper. The conference themes are “Cities in Global Contexts” and “The Caribbean as Crossroads”. Please send your proposals (or expressions of interest) to both Jonathan Markley at and Craig Benjamin at

Please consult the WHA’s call for papers at to help prepare your proposals.