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Science, Religion and Deep Time
(2022) Edited By Lowell Gustafson, Barry Rodrigue, David Blanks. Routledge.This book examines the meaning of religion within the scientific, evidence-based history of our known past since the big bang. While our current major religions are only centuries or millennia old, our volume discusses the origins and development of human religious practice and belief over our species’ existence of 300,000 years.

The volume also connects the scientific approach to natural and social history with ancient truths of our religious ancestors using new lines of inquiry, new technologies, new modes of expression, and new concepts. It brings together insights of natural scientists, social scientists, philosophers, writers, and theologians to discuss narratives of the universe. The essays discuss that to apprehend religion scientifically, or to interpret and explain science theologically, the subject must be examined through a variety of disciplinary lenses simultaneously and raise several theoretical, philosophical, and moral problems.

With a singular investigation into the meaning of religion in the context of the 13.8 billion-year history of our universe, this book will be indispensable for scholars and students of religious studies, big history, sociology and social anthropology, philosophy, and science and technology studies.

ISBN 9781032188614
384 Pages 38 B/W Illustrations
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Lowell Gustafson, David Blanks, and Barry H. Rodrigue


Part I: Deep Time, Science and Religion

2. Science and Religion in Big History: The Dialogue Model
David Blanks

3. Meaningful Mystery
Todd L. Duncan

4. The Children of Climate Change and their Search for Meaning
Barry H. Rodrigue

5. Not by Bread Alone: Religion in Big History: An Anthropologist’s Understanding
Brian Spooner

6. Is God Big Enough? Of Religion and Big History
William Grassie

7. The Nature of Humans, Science, and Religion
Davidson Loehr

8. A Big History Perspective on Science and Religion: Peaceful Coexistence and Progress for Humanity
Mathew Chandrankunnel

9. The Ties that Bind
Lowell S. Gustafson

10. The Three Questions: Understanding Religion Epistemologically
Ken Baskin

11. Religion in Big History
Lacy Loar-Gruenler


Part II: Deep Time, Religion and Science

12. Teilhard, Big History, and the Question of Cosmic Purpose
John Haught

13. Whither Thou Go, O Universe? Why Religion and Evolution Belong Together
Ilia Delio

14. Shinto in the Light of Big History
Hiroko Shiota

15. Big History and Earth Spirituality: Towards a Significant Eco-Social Paradigm

16. The Vedas, Tribal Perspectives, and Big History
H. Sudarshan

17. Searching the Name: Metaphors of the Divine in Our Evolving Cosmos
Jerry Harp

18. The Nature of our Consciousness
em>Orla Hazra

19. Women’s Spirituality as a Measure of Deep Time and Social Ecology
Richa Minocha

20. Islam and Big History
Hideki Iwaki

21. Deep Time from the Viewpoint of Islam
Shamshuddin Jusop
Tan Chee Keong

22. When did Homo sapiens become Homo Religiosus? Just-so Stories, Evolution, and Big History
Ted Peters