ANGELA, AGBOR (1974 – 2023)

Agbor Angela

On April 5, 2023, Agbor Angela, (Yaoundé, Cameroon), who was one of the twenty (20) school teachers in Cameroon underwent the one-to-one physical training course in 2017 by using the Teaching Big History training syllabus of the Big History Project., succumbed into sickness and left Earthly life. She passed away as her passion and energy to share the rhythm, music and story of life with the children in her school – GBPS Bastos in Yaoundé remained strong. *Below is the message of memories and condolences from the President of the African Big History Association, Mr. Nganfon Eric Goubissih:*
“Your service to humanity was *praiseworthy*. You made a good fight despite all the challenges you faced. During the Big History Kamishibai Competition *organised by the Oberlin Oberlin Big History Movement (OBHM), J.F. Oberlin University, Tokyo, Japan in 2017* you promoted big history through songs and stories. Your experience in GBPS Bastos from 2010 to 2023 was glorious. Most of the first batch of learners who you trained since primary one are now *officials* and engineers. Reason why you have not gone out of our memories *is because you were then the heroine who our world needed during the difficult time*. *Nevertheless,* joining our ancestors *of 13.8 billion years* is a joy. *The memories of your good deeds will inspire us who are still living to recall, renew and rebuild the African Big History Association. No matter what form you are in the universe now, please tell our ancestors to enlighten us to embrace peace and not to crave for pride, self-interest and war. We need the story of our origin back, the time we were one body and one band in diversity. Rest in peace, Angela.*”