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Ursula Goodenough will tell us Everybody’s Story, which is central to the just released second edition of her book:
The Sacred Depths of Nature
How Life Has Emerged and Evolved

Her presentation and book provide accurate, accessible, and poetic accounts of the emergence and evolution of life.
They lift up the synergies between a religious naturalist orientation and traditional and indigenous religions.
They suggest ways to explore these accounts for their religious potential along interpretive, spiritual, and moral/ethical axes.
They explore ecomorality and introduce a deeper emphasis on human evolution and the environment.

The event is free to all and available through Airmeet, which is a little different from Zoom. Please go to https://www.airmeet.com/e/292fd650-abb3-11ed-9563-c136b7b45add You will be asked for your email address. Please submit that and then go to your email to get the link to the event that will come from Airmeet.

“Ursula Goodenough argues passionately, wisely and even lyrically for a new, modern, scientifically-informed world view that can tell us both about the Universe we inhabit and the moral rules we need to inhabit it well. This is a wonderful account of the history of life by a great biologist. It invites us to find in modern science the profound sense of wonder and belonging, and the deep ethical sense present in all the world’s religious traditions.”

David Christian History, Macquarie University, author of Origin Story: A Big History of Everything

Sacred Depths of Nature

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