Instructions for Milan, July 15-16, plus VISIT to the SETI facilities at Medicina (near Bologna) on July 17, plus an optional visit to San Marino on July 17th-18th

1) ALL attendees in Milan on July 15-16 must arrive with a PHOTO ID (= passport or “carta d’identita`”) that will be kept by the guards at the entrance. They will be given a badge that must be worn at all times. On their exit, they will be given back their PHOTO ID.

2) Mr. Salvo Pluchino (a former student of mine about twenty years ago) will keep the list of all amateur astronomers (= Astrofili, in Italian) who will attend in Milan on July 15-16 FOR FREE. They will be seated in the rear rows of the Room, while the front rows will be RESERVED for the over 30 SPEAKERS and PAYING Participants.

3) Dr. Nicolo` Antonietti ( (one more former student of mine about twenty years ago) will keep the list of all people interested to visit the Medicina radio telescopes on July 17. The cost of this visit is NOT included in the registration fee and will be fixed when we know HOW MANY participants will visit Medicina. The lunch cost at the nearby “Voli e Sapori” restaurant will be included automatically in the cost of this visit to Medicina.

4) In the afternoon of the 17, after visiting Medicina, the bus will make a stop in downtown Bologna at “Bologna Centrale” rail station for the benefit of those who want to go back to Milano Centrale station and then to Malpensa (MXP) train station. After spending the night of the 17 at a hotel nearby MXP, they will be able to fly away on the 18.

5) After this stop at Bologna Centrale station, the bus will arrive at San Marino for the dinner at the “Boschetto” restaurant.

6) On the 18, visit to San Marino led by Francesco Brigante.