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Aidan Wong – Big History Teaching experience from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education

Alessandro Maini – Are there common patterns shaping long-term evolution of human societies Lessons from Tikopia and Rapa Nui

Andrea Melis – SETI searches at the Sardinia Radio Telescope SRT

Claudio Maccone – Evo-SETI a mathematical Big History leading to a Scale for Life in the Universe

Claudio Maccone – Moon Farside Protection, Moon Village and PAC Protected Antipode Circle

David Schwartzman – Biospheric evolution is coarsely deterministic

Gabriel Gromadzyn – The Tour of the Big History in Argentina

Giorgio Bianciardi – Searching for Life on Mars the role of Chaos

Ian Crawford – Expanding Worldviews The Intellectual and Social Benefits of Astrobiology Big History and the Cosmic Perspective

Marija Isailovic – The Artifacts of the Futures The Moon and the Cosmic Environment as Inseparable Worlds

Marina Porta – Big History at School Rethinking Disciplines according to Skills to be promoted among Youths

Matteo Trudu – KLT vs. FFT for SETI worldwide

Mike Garrett – Can SETI expand Big History’s horizons

Nick Nielsen – Peer Emergent Complexity script

Paolo Musso – The experience of intercultural dialogue in the Amazonian University UCSS-Nopoki and its implications for SETI and Big History

Paolo Vismara – BH678 Big History in the Italian Middle Schools a Manifesto against the Fragmentation of Knowledge

Paul Narguizian – Considering Grand Challenges in Undergraduate Biology Education Big History, Interdisciplinarity, and the Nature of Science

Peter Nixon – SETI – A terrestrial point of comparison

Sohan Jheeta – Astrochemistry synthesis of the basic building blocks of life

Vladimir Philippov – Some Culturological aspects of METI problem in EM radiation